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Facebook Status Via

Set Your Facebook Status via Any Application

Facebook for BlackBerry® Smartphones

Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones

Facebook for BlackBerry® Smartphones

This is the official Facebook for BlackBerry® Smartphones application created by Research In Motion (RIM). You can set your facebook wall or send to your friend’s wall via BlackBerry® without having to use the device itself.

Facebook Status via BlackBerry®

Facebook Status via BlackBerry®

You can set your own facebook status via BlackBerry®like above picture by clicking the link below.

Set Your Status

Note: it seems that the developer of official BlackBerry® application has blocked our access to use this application. Anyway, you can still use the alternative (not the official) application for BlackBerry® from the link below.

Set Your Status (alternative)

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Eky Pervecion
bingung nihh
13 November 11 at 12:15
Hello, if you want to set your status via Blackberry, just click Set Your Status then a new page will open. Then click Post Your Wall, or if you want to post wall to your friend, you must know his/her ID or username. You can also use emoticon. Sorry, I will provide a simple tutorial how to use this service soon.
13 November 11 at 14:18
blackberry why this can not be used again
16 November 11 at 18:16
Hi denish, can you explain which application can’t be used again? For this Blackberry, it’s still relevant, please try again.
16 November 11 at 19:47
I use this application through the laptop.
and any updates that I was able to update now so can not use this application again.
please solution
17 November 11 at 04:28
Dennish, I think you’re right. I checked it yesterday and it seems like this official application for Blackberry blocks our access. Perhaps they only allow access to certain client such as actual device. Anyway, I will replace the application with another alternative soon. Please have a patient.
17 November 11 at 09:59
if I could use this BlackBerry app again …
please help
17 November 11 at 18:51
Hello Dennish, we have placed another link to BlackBerry alternative as the original one doesn’t allow us to post status anymore. Click Set Your Status at the bottom.
17 November 11 at 21:02
but the reply alternatives. unlike the original blackberries when we open or click on the entry must be written to the application blackberry.
18 November 11 at 04:34
27 November 11 at 12:37
Hi, Dennish. Wanna share your experience in using FacebookStatusVia?
27 November 11 at 15:03
The Whiz
Pls,any other official or original looking BlackBerry Smartphones App,as it seems the original and alternative are not working.
Is there anyway this can be used to upload photos ? Thanks soooo very much
20 November 12 at 08:55
Hello, we’ll try to find the solution. Thanks for the suggestion.
20 November 12 at 09:02